Ukraine / On the ground

The war that russia started against Ukraine affected all the nations and states. However, even the war did not stop our plans.

This year, Ukraine, as a long-term participant of Climate Conferences and negotiation processes, will present its pavilion at the United Nations Climate Change Conference for the first time. It is presenting Ukraine at the most difficult time in its history. Therefore, one of its main tasks is to demonstrate the harmful effects of the war both on Ukraine and the whole world.

Ukraine's participation in COP27 is the evidence that it remains committed to its climate goals. We are ready to play our role in the transformation of European energy security free from Moscow's blackmail. And we are inviting you to the partnership.


Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the russian federation has caused significant damage and destruction to the environment of Ukraine. At least 100,000 hectares of Ukrainian forests, steppes and fields were destroyed by fires, 497 water infrastructure facilities were damaged, and 3 million hectares of protected areas were put under threat of destruction. The damage from air pollution reaches 25.5 billion euros, from soil pollution - 11.8 billion euros.

These climate crimes have global consequences and affect not only the future of Ukraine, but also the entire planet. You can prevent their consequences now by helping Ukraine.

You can see here a piece of a 10 year old tree known as the common oak. This particular oak, however, is anything but common – because it witnessed the war crimes of the russian army's and still retains marks from their bullets.

On February 24, 2022, this oak was still growing in Irpin – a young suburb near Kyiv that had been actively developing over the past years.

On February 27, 2022, the russian army entered Bucha, a town neighboring Irpin, and then Irpin itself.

By March 28, when Irpin was liberated by the Ukrainian troops, the russians had destroyed 48% of its housing stock and 53% of all social facilities. The destruction of the Irpin dam resulted in the release of over 117.5 million cubic meters of water from the Kyiv reservoir and the flooding of homes, forests, and meadows.

Due to massive shelling, 40% of forest land was damaged. But even the surviving forests remain mined and are not suitable for visiting.

It will take up to 50 years to restore these natural ecosystems.

«Ukraine can and, I'm sure, will be a green energy hub for Europe. We are capable of substituting the dirty russian energy resources. Ukraine has a massive natural potential for installing green energy facilities and producing green hydrogen. This potential is worth tens, or even hundreds of gigawatts of green energy power if we look at it realistically. But to realize this potential in the interests of all of Europe and the global climate safety, we must restore international law, ensure the liberation of all our territories from russian occupiers, and guarantee a long-lasting peace».

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
President of Ukraine


Causing serious destruction to all sectors of the economy, Russia is trying to push Ukraine and the whole world decades back. Even so, Ukraine continues to move forward, towards climate neutrality, working on the implementation of new ideas regarding the transition to renewable energy.

During COP27, some of these ideas will be presented, such as the "Green Grain Routes" initiative, designed not only to demonstrate global threats to the world's food security, but also to form strong, reliable partnerships for further development.


is the number of trees Ukraine is going to plant by 2025

30 GW

of solar and wind capacities will be installed in Ukraine thanks to the initiative “30 by 2030”


of the carbon footprint of the grain supply chain can be reduced thanks to the "Green Grain Routes" initiative

By 2030,

Ukraine plans to increase the area of its protected territories by 4 times